Apostle Levonzia Stevens, Sr.

Apostle Stevens is an anointed vessel of God with a vision from the Lord to transform lives and build a unified community for the Kingdom of God.  As the Senior Pastor of Hope Aglow Empowerment Church, Apostle Stevens has zeal to win the lost for Christ by walking in his gifting as a Teacher of the Word of God and Preacher of the Gospel.  He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Christian Life School of Theology/Beacon University.  He is currently pursuing his doctorate from Trinity College Theological Seminary.

He recognized the divine calling to preach the Gospel Message in his early years but did not yield to the will of God until after his service to his country as a United States Marine.  Through the most difficult challenges of his life, Apostle Stevens acknowledged the fact that it was impossible to experience real victory without consecrating himself unto God.  He made a radical change to follow God’s will by preparing himself for the work of the ministry and subsequently pioneered a church several years later in his living room.  Due to the exponential growth of the church, there are now two campus locations operating; one in Fredericksburg and one Woodbridge, Virginia.

Apostle Stevens is exceptionally skillful at dispelling erroneous thinking by teaching the Word of God with conviction, courage, and clarity.  As a result, countless individuals have been added to the Kingdom, family relationships have been restored, and financial situations have been repaired by the divine intervention of God.  He also envisions the church must be an informed and innovative community of people who are willing to make an impact for a new breed of people.  No one Apostle, Ministry, or Association has all of the answers, but through genuine relationship and innovated ideas created through networking, we are able to accept and comply with the great Commission.   Therefore, Apostle Stevens launched and has in place Ministry Empowerment Association Global also known as M.E.A.- G This is a non-denominational assembly of Apostles, Churches, and Ministries that covet Apostle Oversight, Covenant Relationship, Accountability, Ministerial Discipleship, Training and Fellowshipamong EQUALS.  M.E.A. – G’s mission is to ensure Church/Ministry leaders are empowered with the proper training, instruction, and credentials through the development and distribution of resources and information. 

He also is a devoted family man who is committed to his wife, Lady Saverna Stevens.  Their three adult children, Juanita, Desiree, and Levonzia Jr. love the Lord and are actively involved in the work of ministry. 

Lady Saverna Stevens

Lady Stevens attended Kean College in Union, New Jersey and Christian Life School of Theology in Columbus, Georgia and has received several educational degrees.  Lady Stevens is an accomplished business woman in Northern Virginia area and has many professional accolades.  As an Ordained Minister of the Gospel, her effectiveness and anointing helps individuals walk victoriously, embrace virtue and overcome hardships.  She has been seen to resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations with a remarkable amount of patience and admirable tact.

Her honesty, compassion, and commitment to excellence have set her apart for a unique work with women.  She is the overseer of Pastor’s and Minister’s Wives Network (PMWN), as well as, HAEC Kingdom Women’s Ministry; two ministries that empower, encourage, and position women for the next move of God.  As a cancer survivor, she also participates in a support group that ministers to the needs of those currently going through cancer and survived.  Her versatility and attention to detail are contributing factors of her insightfulness to the needs of women.  Lady Stevens’ character personifies all the virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman. 

Lady Saverna Stevens is the wife of Levonzia Stevens, Sr., Senior Pastor and Co-founder of Hope Aglow Empowerment Church.  She is also the proud mother of three adult children; Levonzia Jr., Juanita, and Desiree. 

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